Handbook » Cafeteria / Lunch Rules

Cafeteria / Lunch Rules

Lunch is a time for students to enjoy a nutritious meal and to experience social interaction with each other. The 3 B’s should be followed at all times in the cafeteria. Below are procedures to ensure that lunch is enjoyable for all. Inappropriate behavior may result in consequences: eating at another table or office.

Lunch Line

  • Students lineup outside of the cafeteria until an Adult Supervisor directs them to enter. Students with a home lunch will proceed to their table once the class enters the cafeteria.
  • Appropriate line behavior is expected at all times. Students must remain in a single file line and cutting or saving a place for another student is not permitted. Students who are late and not in line with their class, must go to the end of the existing line.
  • Have your nametag visible or handy to be scanned by the meal attendant.
  • Go directly to your designated class table.

At the Table

  • Students are encouraged to try at least one bite of each item on the tray. Sodas and snacks are not allowed. Food is not to be shared.
  • Appropriate table behavior is expected at all times. Students should talk with quiet voices. Shouting, throwing food, playing, and any other inappropriate behavior is not permitted.
  • Each student is responsible for keeping his/her area clean. If an accident occurs, the student is to clean it up.
  • Students who need help must raise their hand, and an adult will respond. Students may use the bathroom only with the adult supervisor’s permission. Return to the cafeteria promptly.
  • After eating, adult supervisors will dismiss students when the entire table is ready. Visiting other students or wandering around the cafeteria is not permitted.