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Vision & Mission

Kauluwela Elementary School Mission 

Our Mission is to nurture all students by addressing their individual needs to prepare them for the ever changing world.

Kauluwela Elementary School Vision

Kauluwela Elementary School continuously strives to become an exemplary school. We will achieve and maintain high expectations and standards. As a Professional Learning Community, our priorities are student learning, collaborative culture, results oriented, and providing timely, relevant feedback on student learning.

Focus on Learning

We provide a K-5 core curricula based on the Hawaii State Standards for content areas. The curriculum maps will include pacing guides and common assessments.
We use common formative and summative assessment data to monitor student learning.
We provide systematic supports for students to meet or exceed the standards.
We use standards based grading practices to communicate each student’s progress.
We use student assessment data to determine research based instructional strategies that will maximize student learning.

Focus on Collaborative Culture

We work in interdependent teams (e.g. grade level teams, data teams, academic plan initiative teams, etc.) to pursue common goals that focus on student achievement.
We build positive relationships and partnerships with staff, students, parents and community members.

Focus on Results

We are results driven; setting SMART goals that will be measured and monitored in our academic plan and data teams.

Focus on Timely, Relevant Feedback on Student Learning

We use the data team process to analyze common assessment data to gain insights into students’ learning and determine the instructional next steps.   This process builds on the collaborative culture as we help each other improve our craft and student achievement.




Kauluwela 学校会继续为成为一个模范学校而奋斗。我们会为 并保持更好的标准而努力。 作为一个专业的学习社区, 我们把学生的学习,协 教育,注重结果, 和及时的学习信息反馈放在首位。


我们会用不同的考试数据(formative & summative)来观察学生的学习情况。


我们是团队一起协作 (比如:年级团队, 数据团队, 教学计划项目团队, 等等。) 共同达到学习目标取得成功。